Monday, 15 April 2013

Assignment #4

Local Public Service Announcement: National Cancer Society Malaysia/Anti-smoking

Ideas: breastfeed, brain development, mother, baby

Concept: the concept of this print ad is that smoking impairs brain development. to show that smoking impairs brain development, they use a visual of a mother breast feeding her baby. and what the baby consume from the mother's body effects the baby's brain development. however they didn't use a visual of milk but they use smoke to represent the smoke from the cigarette.

Emotion: Negative- damage, faulty

International Public Service Announcement: Vermont Department of Health

Idea: baby, smoke, pregnant

Concept: the concept of this ad is that smoking while pregnant can cause birth defects. using smoke to form a visual of a foetus in the mothers womb creates the illusion that the foetus consume the smoke that was inhaled by the mother. it also shows that the smoke will cause brain damage to the baby.

Emotion: Negative- damage, regret

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