Sunday, 24 March 2013

Assignment #3

Local TVC: Nestle Malaysia 100 Years Celebration

Idea: memorable, trust, quality

Concept: throughout the year 2012, Nestle celebrated their 100 years presence in Malaysia. in those 100 years, there are many incredible stories or moments, which Nestle has created with all Malaysians as part of the celebration. one of the most meaningful concept is the ability to maintain the trust of Malaysians in the quality of the products, and remain memorable to the users mind because every household must have at least 1 Nestle product. through the promise of 'GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE', which is reflected in the theme of the celebrations '100 Tahun Di Sisimu' which means '100 Years By Your Side', this tvc shows that Nestle has touched the lives of ordinary Malaysians over the years, through incredible stories.

International TVC: Coke Inside the Happiness Factory

Idea: happiness, refreshment, joy

Concept: there is a happiness factory inside the Coke vending machine. all the bottles of coke from the vending machine are chilled before it was delivered outside. the characters inside the machine shows the burst of joy and happiness of coke itself when they made the drink with love and before the bottle was delivered, there's a mini parade going on to celebrate the drink. 

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