Saturday, 16 March 2013

Assignment #2

i had a hard time deciding who my creative idol is. at first i was going for my dad, but then when i thought about it, let's just talk about someone who everyone is familiar with. i can go all day talking about how my dad inspires me and all but Ayah is not well known in the industry so yeah, i decided to go for the next best thing, Yuna.

here's a little intro about Yuna;

full name: Yunalis Zarai
date of birth: November 14 1986
place of birth: Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
genres: indie rock
occupation: singer, songwriter, businesswoman
instruments: vocals, guitar, ukulele, piano.
years active: 2008-present

honest speaking i was never an indie junkie but Yuna has this 'vibe' that makes me want to listen to her music. at first i wasn't really a fan of her (during her "Dan Sebenarnya" days), but i have been listening to people, mostly friends, talking about how she succeed in the music industry and i also have been listening to her songs, that's when i started to read about her journey to stardom. she has caught my attention ever since and i adore how hardworking she is to achieve her dreams.

have u ever wondered how someone who started out as a solo MySpace artist in Malaysia then worked in the Indie-Pop record label and management company in the US? now that's something us Malaysian can be proud of right? she also worked with producers like Pharrell Williams. Yuna was on Billboard's Heatseekers Chart and her songs also debuted on iTunes.

how is she my creative idol? simply because she can sing, she plays instruments and some of the songs she wrote inspire me. and also because she is one of a Muslim who wears hijab who has gone far in the music industry. from just an ordinary girl, graduated from UiTM Shah Alam, a law degree holder, to a famous independent Malaysian singer-songwriter, she inspired me in many ways. well, i like music, i play the guitar and i am wearing a hijab. i can't see why she's not my creative idol :p

ohh and i met her once in an event, she was really friendly too! that's always a bonus!

i really adore how she brings herself to move forward and take her music to the next level. i know it's not easy to achieve what she's doing now. i can somehow relate to her interest with mine. hoping for the best in her future and our, Malaysian music industry :)

here's one of her video that i like. enjoy :)

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